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Thanks to our Norwegian colleagues

A group of 30 students from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (Universitet for miljø og biovitenskap) stayed with us during the International Water Week. In 2013 there was also a group of Norwegian students attending the Young AIWW program. We hope you enjoyed and to see you again in 2017!


Norwegian Students: Universitet for Miljø og Biovitenskap

AIWW Aquatech: Young water professionals want less talking, more action

The dutchwatersector.com website published an article about our Young AIWW Program last week in Amsterdam. “Young water professionals are somewhat restless and seek more action. The water sector should use this restlessness and engage the new generation to generate more action for tackling the big water issues”, said Marie Rødsten Sagen at the closure of the Young water professional event of the Amsterdam International Water Week on 5 November. Read about our program and the new ambassador Andrea Kralikova in this article.


Rainproof Rave

On Sunday November 1st, we will kick off the AIWW in Amsterdam for the public in the Rainproof Rave. Don’t miss out:  The Rainproof RAVE will transform the stone heart of Amsterdam into a green oasis. A spectacular pop-up park on Dam square, with trees 4 meters high. RAVE with us for a green, rainproof city!

To the beat of rainproof music everyone can get stuck into our DIY-workshops. Lose yourself in trendy rainfashion and gadgets, or lounge with a raindrop drink. Ready for Karl’s DIY-tips for Vertical Bottle Gardening, a Wonky RainPipe Art session or a toolkit for Greening Your Home? Even just the pop-up park with 4-meter high trees in front of the Palace is a must see!

Sunday November 1st from 2-3:30 p.m. on Dam Square, Amsterdam city centre Free admission. Join us on Facebook: bit.ly/RainproofRave and watch the video!

As host to the RAINPROOF RAVE & RIDE the city of Amsterdam will briefly claims the title of water capital of the world.  The RAINPROOF RAVE & RIDE is organised by the OneWorld initiative along with Amsterdam Rainproof, AIWW and many more green, rainproof initiatives from Amsterdam www.rainproofride.nl

Aquatech Venture Forum

Interested in participating in innovative and inspiring new projects in the water industry? The inaugural edition of the Aquatech Venture Forum offers an excellent platform to connect entrepreneurs in the field of water technology with international investors and business partners. Don’t wait too long to register for the Aquatech Venture Forum. The deadline is 30 September!
For more information, registration, and the preliminary program, visit the webpage.

Ambassador wanted!

We are in the search for a new ambassador, are we looking for YOU? The role of the ambassador is to represent the Young Professionals Programme of International Water Week Amsterdam from November 2015 to 2017. Go to the page and watch the video made by Marie Sagen, our current ambassador!

Thanks to Yi-Lin (Aron) Tsai

With this message we would like to show our gratitude to our regional water ambassador Yi-Lin (Aron) Tsai for his contributions in representing the AIWW. Aron promoted the Amsterdam International Water Week not as Dutch residence, but as Taiwanese citizen. Despite the large distance between these countries, Aron could bridge this gap easily with his passion for water. With funding from the Asian Development Bank through Asian Pacific Youth Parliament of Water and Water Youth Network, and some help from our main ambassador Marie Sagen, he could attend the 7th World Water Forum in Korea.  In this Korean journey, he served as the regional young water ambassador of Amsterdam International Water Week to promote the coming event of this year. Aron states: ‘I was invited to attend the welcome reception of the Netherlands Pavilion on April 13th. I felt honoured to be introduced by the ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Mr. Lody Embrechts, especially when he told the audience that I am from Taiwan, which made me proud of my country and myself. It was my great honour to be the representative of Amsterdam International Water Week and to be invited as one of the presenters in the 7th World Water Forum. The session that I was invited to talk was “A roadmap for actions to align international youth water frameworks.” The purpose of this session was to strengthen cooperation among international water youth platforms. As a representative of Amsterdam International Water Week, I shared the vision for resilient cities and unique events of Amsterdam International Water Week. Other invited youth platforms included Asian Development Bank, Singapore International Water Week, Stockholm World Water Week, Water Youth Network, and World Humanitarian Summit’.

Thanks for your effort Aron, keep up the good work! Lennart Silvis and Aron

Lennart Silvis, director of the Netherlands Water Partnership, and Aron Tsai @ 7th World Water Forum, Korea (April 13th, 2015)

Registration Aquatech Amsterdam open

The registration for the Aquatech is now open. In case you do not wish to register for the AIWW Conferences but just want to visit the Aquatech Trade Exhibition, this is free of charge until 3 November. Please check  the Program and Registration page for more information. In case of questions, do not hesitate to ask them by mail, Facebook or comment this news-item!

Funding for Young-AIWW

Many ask us if we, as organizers, can sponsor people to participate in Young-AIWW. Unfortunately we are not in a position to do so. We do however, recommend you to try to get your own funding instead!

There are many ways to get your own funding, and it might not be as difficult as you think. But you need a good application, and you need to know where to apply. Small funds on national level are usually the best, but finding out where to apply might be the most difficult part. Be creative!

Go to the registration page to find our tips and suggestions!

Introduction Day

Are you a young professional or a student? Then we offer you the possibility to meet your fellow young water professionals. One day before the main Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) program starts you will get to know Amsterdam’s highlights and each other. This will be on Sunday 1st of November.
So what would we do on this awesome day in Amsterdam: visit the canals, eat some true Dutch pancakes and visit a beer brewery. Of course in the evening we can’t miss out on Amsterdam’s famous bar culture. We will fit in some relevant water issues during the day to prepare you for the week to come. For only 50 euros you are welcome to join us on this once in a life time experience of Amsterdam. Start your AIWW time with a new group of international friends, and join us on the introduction day!

For more information check the ‘Program’ page on this website and check out the flyer.
Do you want to registrate as a group for the introduction day send an email to info@young-iww.com


Are you a student or young professional with a passion for water? Would you like to team up with international peers to work on challenging water issues and get to present your ideas to a high-profile audience at the Amsterdam International Water Week? This is your chance! Wetskills is part of the AIWW for the third time! We are looking for water students and Young Professionals from all over the world: Apply for Wetskills – The Netherlands 2015 (24 Oct – 6 Nov 2015) before July 1st, 2015! Spread the word! Check out wetskills.com, the flyer of the preliminary programme, click here for more information and the application form! Early bird rate if you apply before May 22nd.

Promo video Wetskills Amsterdam

Enjoy your Christmas days

It’s almost Christmas, for many of you this is a time to relax and enjoy time with your family. So: enjoy!!! Hope to meet you all next year at the International Water Week 2015 in Amsterdam. Don’t forget: little less conversation, more action.

Article in the Aquatech news by Marie Rødsten Sagen

AQUATECH is the trade exhibition during the Amsterdam International Water Week in Amsterdam and our Young AIWW Ambassador which was chosen during the AIWW 2013, Marie Rødsten Sagen, wrote an article for the AQUATECH newsletter! The energetic article is titled ‘HOW ELVIS AND MILEY CYRUS CAN HELP YOU UNDERSTAND WHY YOUTH ARE IMPORTANT CONTRIBUTORS FOR THE FUTURE OF THE WATER SECTOR’ and deals with the questions: ‘What is the role of youth in taking measures to achieve real results?’ and ‘With what can youth contribute to the future of the water sector?’.

The  article can be found on the website of the Aquatech. You can also subscribe for the newsletter by Aquatech to stay updated and get the news straight to your inbox!  
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OneWorld Water Battle

Team members of YIWW are always busy with water! Some of them joined the OneWorld Water Battle. In this Dutch battle the aim was to plan a public campaign to make more people aware of urgent water problems. The three water themes were ‘Tap water’; ‘Water Footprint Fashion’ and ‘Rainproof’. Relating questions where: ‘How do we make tap water trendy?’; ‘Did you know that 2700 Liters of water is used in the production of your T-shirt? With that amount of water you can take a shower more than 40 times’; ‘How do we make urban people active in protecting their cities to the more intensified rain storms, now and in the future?’

Last Thursday the teams had to present their innovative ideas for public campaigns in Amsterdam. A jury of both media and water experts chose the winning team of each theme. These plans will become reality in 2015!

We should be thankful for the good quality of tap water in the Netherlands. Therefore we will celebrate this on ‘thank you tap water’-day.
The winning team of the theme ‘Water Footprint Fashion’ challenges people to ‘stay dry’ for three months: can you make it to not buy any clothes for three months? With their accompanying website, app and cloth exchange dates, this will be fun and in a positive way people become aware of what impact the production of clothes has.
At last, the Rainproof team shows how people can help catching liters of rainwater, so the sewer system does not become overflown in case of a heavy rain event. You can make your own little garden hanging at the steering wheel of your bicycle!

Learn more about the themes and have a look at the kick-ass public campaigns that will become reality in 2015! http://www.oneworld.nl/water/battle (Dutch)

Call for Papers!

Hey Young Water Professionals, participate and submit your paper! At the end of this news item you will find the link to the flyer of the Call for Papers  

‘Integrated solutions for a circular economy and resilient cities’

 Call for papers now open!

 Does your idea deserve to be heard at the unique cross cutting international platform for integrated water solutions? Submit your paper to the AIWW  conference, part of the Amsterdam International Water Week.  

Tomorrows’ water challenges call for a transition to an innovative, integrated approach. The AIWW conference ‘Integrated solutions for a circular economy and resilient cities’ is the platform for this debate. Cities take centre stage in the programme, which is divided into three sub- themes and cross cutting themes:

1. Urban utilities & the circular economy

2. Sustainable production & industrial response: reduce, reuse and recover

3. Urban resilience & adaptation to climate change

4. Cross cutting: finance, governance and preconditions for sustainable solutions.

Please submit your outline for papers before February 14th, 2015. For more information, please read the attached call for papers.  

The Amsterdam International Water Week: Make the connection

 The Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) is the platform for new alliances and fresh ideas: connecting industry, science, business, policy and technology. The event crosses borders between water and sanitation, delta-technoloy, food, agriculture, finance and governance. Thus bringing together a unique mix of professionals conducive to the transition to a circular economy and resilient cities.

The AIWW offers an inspiring combination of events: the AIWW  conference, the renowned Aquatech Trade Exhibition, excursions to Amsterdam and the Netherlands,  the Sarphati Sanitation Award, an extensive young water professionals programme and inspiring social events.

Flyer: Call for Papers AIWW

365 Days Countdown

The second week of November we will meet up with the team to brainstorm about the content of the program and discuss the progress so far. We will also kick off with the 365 days countdown, the Amsterdam Water Week starts within one year!   After the meeting an update will be posted on this page so you can keep on track of the preparations.

Website Launched

Great to have you here, we will use this website next to Facebook and Twitter as a platform to stay in touch with you. Have you checked out yet the impression video of the YWPs program during the IWW 2013? You will find it on the homepage once you scrolled down or click on the link below. We are looking for enthusiastic people to strengthen and join our team for the IWW 2015, don’t hesitate to contact us and send an email to info@young-iww.com  

Impression video

Get in Touch