The upcoming edition of the Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) includes an extensive program (Young AIWW) for students and young professionals, organized by and for young water professionals! The event takes place from 29 October to 3 November in Amsterdam and is THE place to be if you are interested in water. You, as Young Water Professionals (YWPs) can participate in various conferences, workshops, events and challenges.

The events offer you the opportunity to gain new insights, exchange knowledge with fellow professionals in an international environment, extend your network and make new friends. Since the program is integrated with the regular AIWW program, professionals of all ages have the oppertunity to meet you and hear from you what you think is important. This offers you a great chance to voice your ideas on an international platform.

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Meet the Young AIWW Organizing Team

The young water professionals program of the AIWW (Young AIWW) will be organized by a group of enthusiastic students, recent graduates and young water professionals from different nationalities ranging between 22 and 35 years old. Everyone is committed to this experience on a voluntary basis. For that reason we can lower the costs for you to participate in the event.

We are already looking forward to meet you here in Amsterdam in November 2017!


Dax Boot

Dax is one of the overall coordinators of the Young AIWW program. Next to that, he also works on the High Level Panel on Water initiative on Valuing of Water activity (together with Sandra). When he joined the Young AIWW team for the 2015 event he got enthusiastic by the large and energetic network of young professionals present and decided to join the core team for the next event in 2017. Dax has a background in physical geography, specializing in coastal dynamics and fluvial systems. Currently he works for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment as a policy officer on international water affairs.


Lotte de Vos

Lotte is responsible for Young AIWW’s budget. She joined the core team while starting her Master Thesis in hydrology, at Delft University of Technology. Being part of the core team is the perfect opportunity for her to balance theoretical work with getting to know the more practical side of the water sector. She gets inspired by the many young professionals that are helping the core team to take the Young AIWW program to the next level!


Sandra de Vries

Sandra is responsible for the logistics and everything connected to that during the Young AIWW program. In her professional life she wears several hats, where she combines her skills as water management engineer, her interest for and network in the water sector, and her need for a creative outlet. She works for IHE Delft, as Secretariat for the Netherlands IHP-HWRP Committee and as citizen science project developer for the Valorization Program Delta technology and Water, in the WaterLab testing field. She also set up an initiative called REpost Science that up-scales scientific posters into wearables and accessories. She takes special interest in supporting and increasing innovative solutions in the water sector and creating awareness for the importance of water (nationally as well as internationally). She like to tackle challenges by being creative and enthusiastic about the solutions possible. During her studies she continued an international track after living part of her youth abroad.


Stephanie Gijsbers

Stephanie Gijsbers is a water engineer at the Dutch engineering company Witteveen+Bos. She works on water management related projects both in the Netherlands as abroad. Stephanie is specialized in the climate adaptive water design of urban areas, but also works on a wide range of subjects such as irrigation, drinking water supply and integrated water management. At the moment she works as a technical specialist for the Water4Virungas project (Congo, Rwanda and Uganda) and the developing of the Share My City platform, which she initiated 1 year ago.

Stephanie likes to generate new concepts and ideas and loves challenges. Stephanie joined the YAIWW team to be the Content Lead. In the future Stephanie wants to continue working on water management challenges.


Donya Danesh

Donya Danesh has recently joined the Young AIWW core team as the communications and marketing lead. She is currently a PhD Candidate from Queen’s University (Canada) studying long-term climate impacts to freshwater resources in northern Canada. She is currently a guest doctoral candidate at the University of Amsterdam and the University of Utrecht. Parallel to her academic career Donya co-founded and chaired multiple international conferences targeted towards graduate students researching water. To emphasize the importance of multidisciplinary collaboration at the early stages of young water professionals careers, Donya designed the conference programs in a way that would encourage collaboration and communication across fields of research. Donya will be finishing her PhD in 2018 and hopes to pursue her passions in facilitation, planning & management, and public/motivational speaking.


Andrea Kralikova

Andrea is the Young AIWW Ambassador for the Amsterdam International Water Week and is involved in development for the overall and youth programme for the upcoming event in 2017. Andrea works as a management consultant for Accenture, specializing in risk management and sustainability. For the past 9 years she has been advising commercial and not-for-profit clients on various topics. She has been involved in development of the Water Stewardship Program across Africa and seeing direct impact of lack of water motivated her to get more involved. Andrea believes ensuring sustainability is a goal to be shared by all the parties – society, companies and government. She wrote Climate Change Reports for Benelux & France, outlining strategies of corporations to limit their environmental footprint and is constantly exploring the Circular Economy business models enabling efficient use of resources within the companies towards resilient future.

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