The upcoming edition of the Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) includes an extensive program for students and young professionals, organized by and for young water professionals! The event takes place from 29 October to 3 November in Amsterdam and is THE place to be if you are interested in water. You, as Young Water Professionals (YWPs) can participate in various conferences, workshops, events and challenges.

The events offer you the opportunity to gain new insights, exchange knowledge with fellow professionals in an international environment, extend your network and make new friends. Since the program is integrated with the regular IWW program, professionals of all ages have the oppertunity to meet you and hear from you what you think is important. This offers you a great chance to voice your ideas on an international platform.

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Meet the Team

The young water professionals program of the AIWW will be organized by a group of enthusiastic students, recent graduates and young water professionals from different nationalities ranging between 22 and 35 years old. Everyone is committed to this experience on a voluntary basis. For that reason we can lower the costs for you to participate in the event.

The team exists of three groups, involved with logistics, communication and the content of the program, the events.

We are already looking forward to meet you here in Amsterdam in November 2017!


Carolien Wegman

I am a student Earth Sciences, currently finishing my masters in Coastal Dynamics and River Systems at Utrecht University. The relation between people and water is what fascinates me. We need water for sanitation and transport for example, whereas at the same time its force can be overwhelming and scare us. For the Young IWW I am focusing on communication with the students attending and on the introduction day.


Pepijn van Ravesteyn

I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Environmental sciences and currently I am finishing my master’s in Hydrology at VU University Amsterdam. My passion for water related issues derives from the never ending challenges we face worldwide regarding water quality and safety. Growing up in a country full of rivers, lakes and a rich history in water management triggered my fascination. I was as well involved in the organization of the young water professional program of the IWW in 2013 and this edition I focus mostly on the website and help to make the 2015 edition even a greater success.


Twan Brinkhof

I obtained my Master’s degree in Wageningen, with the specialization in International Land- and Water Management. I am a people oriented water manager. Ambitious to bridge gaps between different fields of expertise, cultures and different generations. This all comes together in the organisation of this week. It is great to connect people and work together on solutions for a better future.


Karen Scheffers

For my bachelor’s degree I am currently studying Water management at the Rotterdam University of applied sciences. During the AIWW of 2013 I was a participant of the student challenge, I had a great time. I also participated in the Wetskills program, I went to Toronto-Canada with a group of Dutch and American people. After these participations I wanted to see the other side of the program. And wanted to learn more about the process. Therefor I am currently part of the organization of the Student Challenge. My passion for water comes mainly from my sailing experiences. I am fascinated by the connection that every culture has with water. I am really looking forward to the Amsterdam International Water Week, and hope to see and learn a lot during the process.


Peter Jansen

As a member of the organizing committee I bring in my expertise of the last two editions, organize finances and being the link with the conferences and the Aquatech fair. The first edition of Amsterdam international water week was in 2011. We started with a small group of young water professionals and look at us now! The third edition this year and we are fully integrated in the water week program. As a background, I have a master’s degree in Environmental Science and work in the water sector in the Netherlands. I am always looking for innovation in the water sector and that’s why I love the Young Water Professionals program. It gives me new energy and it’s interesting how YWP want to solve problems instead of talking about it!

So, I am looking forward to meet you in November!


Dax Boot

Currently I am in the last stage of the master program Physical Geography at Utrecht University, focusing on coastal zone and river processes. Earlier I obtained my bachelor’s degree from the Amsterdam University College. I aim to contribute to a sustainable way of living in low-lying deltas, where people can enjoy the opportunities of the surrounding waters while their safety is guaranteed. Within the YIWW organization I will focus on the introduction day and career event.


Maarten Buurmans

My name is Maarten Buurmans, I am working for the engineering firm Witteveen+Bos. This edition will be the second time that I am organizing the Young Water Program for the Amsterdam International Water Week. The 2013 edition was a great experience for me, I loved speaking to young water professionals from all over the world. We have one thing in common: the love for water. This 2015 edition is gonna be as least as good as the 2013 edition. This edition: less conversation, more action! Hope to see you all the 1st of November.


Jaap Feil

After his environmental science study Jaap worked as environmental specialist before he switched to the human resources sector. He started in the environmental labor market and started in 2010 his own company H2O-job which is the organizer of the Nationaal Watertraineeship. Jaap is Co –organiser of the career day and the Young Business Borrel and he likes to share his experience of the labour market to help young people with their first job choice. And we like to motivate young professionals to take their role in the water sector.


Marie R. Sagen

Marie R. Sagen has a master in Environmental Engineering, specialized within urban sanitation, and just started working as Programmes Officer for International Water Association (IWA). She is ambassador and spokesperson for the Young AIWW 2013-2015, which means that she has travelled to Stockholm and Singapore Water Weeks to gather experiences, arrange workshops and build connections between these events – together with enthusiastic young people from all over the world (on each AIWW we choose a new ambassador, read more about the position and how to apply HERE). In addition Marie is active with the Event Management group of Water Youth Network, SuSanA (Sustainable Sanitation Alliance) and IEES (International Ecological Engineering Society), and in 2014 Marie was coordinator of the Young professionals volunteering at Oslo IWA European Utility Conference. Previously Marie has worked at both the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and Oslo’s Water and Wastewater department. She is passionate about water, especially sanitation, and how integrated solutions – with regards to the water, food and energy nexus in an urban context – can contribute to a more sustainable future. Marie is also co-creator of  ‘sanimation’, an animation for raising awareness on sanitation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwf3bk6AuoQ


Ivar Lokhorst

My name’s Ivar Lokhorst, right now I’m in the final stages of my master in physical geography with additional courses in hydrology. For years I’ve been interested in the water related processes shaping our landscape and more recently in (drinking) water quality as well. A friend of mine told me about the YIWW and I decided to become involved. For me the most interesting part is getting to know the entire water sector and not only my own niche and of course the opportunity to get in contact with all companies involved.


Johan Oost

With a background of civil engineering (water management), I am working in the capacity development within the water sector. I am working for the World Water Academy halftime and I am freelancer under H2Oost. I am founder and manager of the Wetskills Water Challenge programme. I am working for the YWP programme already for 5 years. My quote: “Water challenges need technical solutions in harmony with the cultural historic and social economic context. Teambuilding is essential for communication, useful results and it generates a lot of energy..”


Rick Hogeboom

Hi there, I’m Rick Hogeboom (28). I am in charge of the Wetskills Challenge during AIWW. After having participated in a Wetskills Challenge myself – twice – I got infected with the Wetskills fever! It is a great programme, in which you can connect to people from all over the world, discuss and visit water-related topics and places and have a wonderful time together. Interested to get your share of the Wetskills fun? Check the Program tab or go to wetskills.com. In daily life I’m a PhD researcher at the University of Twente (NL), where I study global water scarcity. Although I love research, I like to look beyond the academic borders as well. So, I’m also part of the Program Committee of AIWW, which allows me to have broader view of and a larger network within the water sector. Please join some of the hallmark sessions we have put together for you during the regular AIWW program! I hope we will see a lot of new faces of ambitious, eager and fun young water professionals at AIWW. I’m sure it will be great fun together!


Ralph Wesseling

I obtained my master’s degree in public management and started working in the water sector through the Nationaal Watertraineeship. After finishing the two year traineeship, I started as a freelancer focusing on water governance and water awareness. What fascinates me about water is that it is vital for almost everything we do and it makes us create border crossing solutions. In 2013 the Young Water Professionals program brought forth many new ideas and some really happened! Like the Battle of the Beach event which aims to increase water awareness amongst youth through education and fun. The AIWW is a great place to meet people and to start realizing new ideas. Hope to see you all there!

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