We have a new ambassador!

During the past months potential ambassadors were able to submit a video. In this 3-minute video they were asked to explain why he/she should be the next ambassador.We are confident we found the perfect match, her name is Andrea Kralikova. We wish her the all the best and a fruitful time as the new ambassador the next two years.

Andrea was presented as our new ambassador at the opening ceremony of the Young IWW program and during the keynote session of the Amsterdam International Water Week on Tuesday. Andrea has several tasks as ambassador. She will attend major global water events, gain experience and expand the network of the conference; provide continuity between major global events; promote and be a part of meaningful inclusion of young people in the water sector, to work together for sustainable development and solve water challenges; develop strategies of the Young Water Professionals Program and use her experiences as an ambassador to make the 2017 version of AIWW even better.

IMG_4063Marie Rødsten Sagen (L) and Andrea Kralikova (R) at the Young IWW pavilion

Applications for the Next Young AIWW Ambassador

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