OneWorld Water Battle

Team members of YIWW are always busy with water! Some of them joined the OneWorld Water Battle. In this Dutch battle the aim was to plan a public campaign to make more people aware of urgent water problems. The three water themes were ‘Tap water’; ‘Water Footprint Fashion’ and ‘Rainproof’. Relating questions where: ‘How do we make tap water trendy?’; ‘Did you know that 2700 Liters of water is used in the production of your T-shirt? With that amount of water you can take a shower more than 40 times’; ‘How do we make urban people active in protecting their cities to the more intensified rain storms, now and in the future?’

Last Thursday the teams had to present their innovative ideas for public campaigns in Amsterdam. A jury of both media and water experts chose the winning team of each theme. These plans will become reality in 2015!

We should be thankful for the good quality of tap water in the Netherlands. Therefore we will celebrate this on ‘thank you tap water’-day.
The winning team of the theme ‘Water Footprint Fashion’ challenges people to ‘stay dry’ for three months: can you make it to not buy any clothes for three months? With their accompanying website, app and cloth exchange dates, this will be fun and in a positive way people become aware of what impact the production of clothes has.
At last, the Rainproof team shows how people can help catching liters of rainwater, so the sewer system does not become overflown in case of a heavy rain event. You can make your own little garden hanging at the steering wheel of your bicycle!

Learn more about the themes and have a look at the kick-ass public campaigns that will become reality in 2015! (Dutch)

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