Thanks to Yi-Lin (Aron) Tsai

With this message we would like to show our gratitude to our regional water ambassador Yi-Lin (Aron) Tsai for his contributions in representing the AIWW. Aron promoted the Amsterdam International Water Week not as Dutch residence, but as Taiwanese citizen. Despite the large distance between these countries, Aron could bridge this gap easily with his passion for water. With funding from the Asian Development Bank through Asian Pacific Youth Parliament of Water and Water Youth Network, and some help from our main ambassador Marie Sagen, he could attend the 7th World Water Forum in Korea.  In this Korean journey, he served as the regional young water ambassador of Amsterdam International Water Week to promote the coming event of this year. Aron states: ‘I was invited to attend the welcome reception of the Netherlands Pavilion on April 13th. I felt honoured to be introduced by the ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Mr. Lody Embrechts, especially when he told the audience that I am from Taiwan, which made me proud of my country and myself. It was my great honour to be the representative of Amsterdam International Water Week and to be invited as one of the presenters in the 7th World Water Forum. The session that I was invited to talk was “A roadmap for actions to align international youth water frameworks.” The purpose of this session was to strengthen cooperation among international water youth platforms. As a representative of Amsterdam International Water Week, I shared the vision for resilient cities and unique events of Amsterdam International Water Week. Other invited youth platforms included Asian Development Bank, Singapore International Water Week, Stockholm World Water Week, Water Youth Network, and World Humanitarian Summit’.

Thanks for your effort Aron, keep up the good work! Lennart Silvis and Aron

Lennart Silvis, director of the Netherlands Water Partnership, and Aron Tsai @ 7th World Water Forum, Korea (April 13th, 2015)

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