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Thanks to our Norwegian colleagues

A group of 30 students from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (Universitet for miljø og biovitenskap) stayed with us during the International Water Week. In 2013 there was also a group of Norwegian students attending the Young AIWW program. We hope you enjoyed and to see you again in 2017!


Norwegian Students: Universitet for Miljø og Biovitenskap

AIWW Aquatech: Young water professionals want less talking, more action

The website published an article about our Young AIWW Program last week in Amsterdam. “Young water professionals are somewhat restless and seek more action. The water sector should use this restlessness and engage the new generation to generate more action for tackling the big water issues”, said Marie Rødsten Sagen at the closure of the Young water professional event of the Amsterdam International Water Week on 5 November. Read about our program and the new ambassador Andrea Kralikova in this article.


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